Audit is conducted to determine the accuracy, completeness and compliance with the applicable laws and regulations of the business, public accounting and reporting, taxation and financial-economic activities and charter provisions of business entities. B y adhering to the principles of objectivity, independence and confidentiality, we offer you a full range of audit services. The skilled assistance in accounting, reporting and management can provide for a considerable economic effect. Independent examination that our professionals can conduct will enable you to bring your tax accounting and reporting in compliance with the applicable laws, and the auditor’s financial statement of the accuracy and fairness of presentation can serve as evidence to the honesty and transparency of your company.

Financial reporting audit (mandatory and/or initiative)
Auditor accounting activities
Tax audit
Asset valuation (immovable-movable property and intangible assests)
Financial-economic expertise
Consultation in Tax audit
Efficiency of accounting system and internal audit control
Organizational-management structure and planning
Perfection of management of information systems
Thematic expertise
Introduction and application of economic security system
Introduction and application of an electronic reporting system
Introduction and application of internal control and accounting procedures
Legal and economic support in insolvency proceedings
Foundation and registration of the representations and branches of international companies
Formation of limited liability companies and licensed financial institutions
Foundation of a business in a Free Industrial Zone
Merging, reorganization (takeover) and liquidation of companies;
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