Our Partners

Georgian Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors

Partner since: 16-th of December, 2014
Additional information:

Georgian Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors, with cooperations and resistance with its` founders, members, donor companies, representatives of governmental and non-governmental sectors during the years, achieved the goal set by statute: settle in the Georgia the international standards of accounting and financial reporting; professional self-regulating; setting practic of sertifying and preparing the professional accountants; raising the image of accountant; acquiring fame in the country and worldwide.

Since 16-th of December, 2014, Our company is the member of Georgian Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors.

World Bank

Partner since: 2011 year
Additional information:

World Bank, as the part of World Bank group, was formed on 27-th of December, 1945. The headquarters is in Washington, US.       

World Bank leads projects in the following fields: social sector, poverty, debts and effective management.    

The World Bank for developing countries refers to support source. It has mission: helping (investing, creating jobs, creating environment for sustainable development, investing in poor countries to bind the population to take part in development process) developing countries to reach their aims.    

Since 2011 year, World Bank is our partner.

Holding “Business People Group”

Partner since: 8 July, 2014
Web page: www.ludidela.ru
Additional information:

Holding “Business People Group” successfully provides audit services since 1993 year. Today the company is among top 10 between Russian audit companies. Holding “Business People Group” suggests to consumers a plenty of services. On July, 2014 with business purposes, our company was visited by the general director of Holding “Business People Group”  Mr. Boris Fedosimov. Between Audit Firm Ltd. “Bakashvili and Company” and Holding “Business People Group” was signed an agreement of cooperation. According to this, Since 8-th of July, 2014, Holding “Business People Group” is our partner.

The Association of Georgian and Turkish businessmen – “Gurtiad“

Partner since: 16 June, 2014
Web page: www.gurtiad.ge
Additional information:

The Association of Georgian and Turkish businessmen – “Gurtiad“ was established in 1999 year. Today it is one of the big associations throughout the Georgia. The association members provide services in different fields: finances, logistics, industry, production etc.    

The quota of Turkey in Georgian foreign trade is about 17%. The majority companies, who is being trading with Georgia, are the members of the Association of Georgian and Turkish businessmen – “Gurtiad“.

The mission of the Association of Georgian and Turkish businessmen – “Gurtiad“ is to develop business relationships and gathering big companies in Georgia as the future Georgian and Turkish businessmen association members.       

From 16-th of June, 2014 our company is the member of the Association of Georgian and Turkish businessmen – “Gurtiad“.

Expertise institute for valuation of assets of Georgia

Partner since: 3 May, 2010
Additional information:

“Expertise institute for valuation of assets of Georgia” represents professional non-government organization established in 1999.   

“EIVAG” is the first Georgian organization that became IVSC member in 2003.

“IVSC” unites over 50 national organizations (institutes) of all over the world, and the major goal is a mutual agreement of national standards of different countries, as well as preparing such system of valuation standards that will be acceptable and effective to each member countries.           

The major goal of “EIVAG” is to form regulations of valuation activity in Georgia, train and certify appraisers, support forming the profession of appraiser as a separate profession and recognition by society, as well as provide Georgian estate market with qualified appraisers and with valuation service according to international standards.           

Since 3-rd of May, 2010, “Expertise institute for valuation of assets of Georgia” is our partner.

Law Office Of Zakaria Kutsnashvili

Partner since: 2011 year
Additional information:

„Law Office Of Zakaria Kutsnashvili“ was founded in 24-th of January, 2011. It consists of professional, experienced and skilled staff. The company is successfully doing business in the branch of law.  

„Law Office Of Zakaria Kutsnashvili“ provides law services in the different law fields. The company also provides consultation and lawyer services for local and for abroad companies as well.       

Since 2011 year „Law Office Of Zakaria Kutsnashvili“ is our partner. 

Law Office “Migriauli & Partners”

Partner since: 1998 year
Additional information:

Law Office “Migriauli & Partners” (antecedent “Roin Migriauli’s Law Office”) was founded in 1997 year.      

Law Office provides legal service for companies from Georgia and foreign countries and for their representative offices, commercial banks, governmental bodies and private persons.       

Law Office provides service in Civil law, Administrative Law, Crime Law as well as in Tax Law.         

Since 2010 year law office is authorized user of National Agency of Public Registry register real property and private companies in National Agency of Public Registry.

Since 1998 year Law Office „Migriauli and Partners“ is our partner.

Law Office “Gabunia and Partners”

Partner since: 2006 year
Web page: www.gap.ge
Additional information:

Law Office “Gabunia and Partners” was established in 2005 year. It represents the team of young professionals, which is able to ensure qualified legal service in any field of law. 

The subject of activity of the bureau is the representation of individual persons and legal entities in any instance of the Courts of Ordinary Jurisdiction, Arbitration and state institutions, as well as preparation of legal opinions, drafting contracts and participation in the negotiations.   

For the present time 9 high qualified barristers are working in the bureau, who can ensure high qualified legal service in any field of law.     

Since 2006 year Law Office “Gabunia and Partners” is our partner.

Ltd „House of Law“

Partner since: 2014 year
Web page: www.hol.ge
Additional information:

The main principle behind the work of the „House of Law“ is providing high quality, academically grounded services in various areas of law. The company supports juridical services, the effectiveness of which is guaranteed by the superb teamwork of both: university-bound lecturers and practical jurists working ardently to accommodate company’s consumer’s needs. "House of law" is not limited to juridical and consulting work – it is also deeply involved in organizing and executing various workshops and conferences in order to develop the Law institutions in Georgia. The company possesses both: the desire and the ambition to be the pioneers in combining theoretical and practical skills in order to develop an outstandingly novel approach to the juridical services.

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