Bakashvili & Company

LLC  Audit Firm Bakashvili and Company”  is a Georgian company, which has been operating for 26 years on the market.

LLC  Audit Firm “Bakashvili and Company”  was founded on 18 August 1995 in Tbilisi. The main area of business of the company is to audit the business, accounting, taxation and financial-economic activities of Georgian and foreign businesses, individuals and legal entities, and provide them with consultations on fiscal issues.

Company profile:

  • Financial reporting audit ( mandatory and/or initiative );
  • Auditor accounting activities;
  • Tax audit;
  • Asset valuation;
  • Financial-economic expertise.

Chronological Facts


Tell you, that LLC Audit Firm "Bakashvili and Company" approved Public Interest Entityes (PIE) financial statement audit implementation authority.



LLC Audit Firm "Bakashvili and Company" opened regional office at the adress Rustaveli Street №5, Marneuli, Georgia.


We want to infrom you, that the directors board of Georgian and Turkish Businessmen Association "Gurtiad", which was held on 16-th of July 2014, signed the document of applying on membership in association, requested by LLC Audit firm "Bakashvili and Company" became the member of Georgian and Turkish Businessmen Association "Gurtiad".



Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Academies of Economic and Business Sciences - Nikoloz Bakashvili founded first audit firm in Georgia. 

The first audit firm in Georgia

Morison KSi  Independent member 

26  years in the auditing and accounting field

Your risks are insured for
5'000'000 GEL

ISO 9001:2015 International Certificate

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